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"Learn about Alpha Wave Art."
The art and book express an intuitive ART IDEA for the benefit of humanity!

In 2017, I decided to create 1000 paintings to raise awareness to humanitarian causes. I called this CHALLENGE 2017. I did this to create positivity and bring forth a FOCUS to humanitarian causes.

I completed the task in November 2017. And in fact, I completed more than 1000 painting. These may be linked to from the index page. The art is al themed to raise awareness to humanitarian causes like ending hunger, finding a cure for cancer, helping battered women, finding a cure for diabetes, standing for freedom of speech, finding a cure for hepatitis, remembering victims of violent crimes, going green to save the earth, ending human trafficking and sex slavery and many others.

In the process of creating the Challenge 2017 art, I discovered that I would go into an ALPHA WAVE brain state while painting.

Then, when I asked others, what do you see in the art? I found that often, they too were positively impacted by observing the art in the focused DISCOVERY FUN way that I proposed.

In this way I came up with the concept of ALPHA WAVE ART. Art that is meant for healing and relaxing the mind.

This book is filled with ALPHA WAVE ART samples in order to show how it works.

On the one hand, this art was created to encourage thinking, mental exercise, search and find activity for the brain.

ALPHA WAVE ART is art that is free of judgment.
This means that no answer is ever wrong.
What you see is validated by the experience itself.
And in this way, this art motivates and inspires creativity.

Personally, I am not a doctor, or psychologist therapist and can’t give medical advice, but I have found that when I look at alpha wave art, my mind starts to experience ease as it moves away from every day doldrum stress.

The art in this book is special for a number of reasons.

First, it is special because it was designed to be alpha wave art. And in my opinion, it is valuable as a tool to aid focus the mind while at the same time potentially GIVING IT A BRAKE from the stress and obsession of the every day. This book and ideas are definitely experimental, but I opine as an artist, that the art can be helpful for some to get in touch with their core self, feelings and thoughts.

Learn to relax the mind while calmly pondering what is in the art. Ask questions like what you like, what you don’t like. Learn to connect with your core. Then share your experience with others. That will get them thinking and will spark their curiosity. Ask them, WHAT DO YOU SEE?

When I ask people this question, I often hear happy surprised, “Ohhh” and “Ah!” So I have surmised from this that sharing alpha wave art, can be a fun experience that can be shared with others.

In life, there are no guarantees of any kind. This might not work for you. And ultimately, my greatest hope is that you will have a fun experience in the process.

And also, here is another idea, -just a note- You can also use the art in the pages as prints or greeting cards or keep the book as a forever keepsake.

It's a win win all around.

Sending love and healing to the world. Sending positivity to the world, Thank you, Grace Divine.

Get comfortable and relax. Then allow yourself to observe the art. Start trying to find symbols, objects or things... WHAT DO YOU SEE? Share with others. Compare and contrast.

Thank you

Grace Divine

Art Events to Raise Awareness
to Humanitarian Causes

Disclaimer: All of the art by Grace Divine is art is for purposes of fun and entertainment only. It doesn't have a medical purposes. Should you be in need of medical assistance please contact your State for information. Thank you ""/>