Hello Dear Friends,

At the beginning of 2017, faced with the pervasive negative sad environment around, I decided to do something that I had never done before. And just like Gandhi said, "be the change you want to see in the world," yearning and longing for peace and love for all, healing people, compassion for animals and respect for the earth, I decided to challenge myself, and I painted 1000 paintings to raise awareness to humanitarian causes.

This coming year 2018, following this premise of doing something lovely and beautiful, I have decided to create 1000 nature healing icaro songs, all for the benefit of the world.

What is an ICARO? To me, the meaning of an icaro defines lovely music which is native and indigenous. It is 100% human and natural and has not been digitized or processed by technology. It is the music of the ancestors when they sang to the earth. It is music that brings us humans to harmony with the nature around us. And it is the music that shamans would bring back in their magical workings to share with the world, for purposes of healing and bringing peace, love and healing to the earth.

It is no coincidence that homo sapiens lived for hundreds of thousands of years in harmony with nature. It is only in the last century where human beings are being challenged like no time before to create a world of beauty.

I feel that to make the earth healhty again, each one of us must get involved, conserving, caring, thinking, and finding new ways of living life that are more satisfying and harmonious with nature and each other.

And because I already have 1000 paintings dedicated to 100 humanitarian causes, I am going to dedicate the HEALING SONGS to these.

LINK HERE TO LISTEN Real raw unrehearsed nature human healing inspired drumming style shamanic icaro music

Thank you so very much for your support and for getting involved in making the world at harmony again.

Wishing the world peace and love.

Grace Divine