Grace Divine is SUPER PRODUCTIVE when it comes to creating art and books. In the year 2017 she challenged herself to paint 1000 paintings to raise awareness to humanitarian causes, and she more than achieved that painting even more than a 1000 paintings. She also authors hundreds of artistic books per year. Grace Divine is a prolific American artist who has a portfolio with paintings, photographs, sculptures and books numbering into the thousands. All of which she did by herself.

How did she do that?

She explains THE SUPER PRODUCTIVITY PROCESS in her up-coming book.

Interestingly, she does not credit her productivity to herself. Instead, she credits it to her connection to the earth and to nature.

And Grace believes that everyone can become connected. In her up-coming book, she explains how.

Also, she is preparing a series of talks to show others how they too can become super productive.

These talks are aimed for individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, companies and others.

Join us for a fun and exhilarating time.

Thank you