Is your home or commercial property for sale?

Host a divine art party and show your property at the same time.


First, party events and engagements with a "DIVINE ART THEME" are fun ways to have get together with friends. And because the art was created to bring awareness to humanitarian causes, it makes the event special.

Second, and because the host can choose a humanitarian cause that is dear to their heart, hosting this event should feel great.

Third, this also presents itself as a good opportunity to network because it brings awareness to an important cause!

Fourth, the event host earns a 10% credit from any art sales happening during the event that will go to the acquisition of art.

Parties are always great, but parties with a theme are better. An art themed party is classy and debonair. Do you know anyone who loves decor or enjoys decorating? Or perhaps they enjoy art or appreciate beautiful things? This type of party would be of particular interest to people who are art lovers, connoisseurs, art collectors, artists... Most certainly, they are likely to be grateful to you and be impressed and appreciate your interest in art and culture.


ART PARTIES are casual fun parties for friends, neighbors, relatives and acquaintances to gather and enjoy while surrounded by beautiful art that can be acquired. It can be any number of people from 10 to 100 or more. The price of the art ranges starting at $25 and going up to several thousand dollars.

The host picks the space in or outside their home, clubhouse, business or available public space that they have access to that is suitable. Then, they make the space welcoming, invite the guests and provide refreshments. Potlucks are always lots of fun if the host prefers. Or the host could provide refreshments or cater the event as they wish. It is your party, so have fun! We, in turn, will bring the art and set it up.

Art engagements are upper scale party events also for friends, neighbors, relatives and acquaintances to gather and enjoy while surrounded by beautiful art. The price range for the art starts at $500 and goes up into several thousands of dollars.
All the art is provided by our gallery.

Some time, at the beginning of the party, and if the Host wishes to join us, we will announce the humanitarian cause purpose for the party. Grace Divine can then share about the need to bring awareness to the cause and how the paintings were created and inspired by this. In addition, Grace Divine will make herself available during the event to answer questions and interact with the Guests.

ONLINE EVENTS AND NEIGHBORHOOD PARTIES Online events and neighborhood parties are also possible. Contact us and we will create a virtual party where you and your friends can shop a specific collection or our entire collection. You get 10% of anything that your friends buy during the party to use towards purchases of art acquisitions or other merchandise. In addition, special dates and events can be combined into the art party. For instance, the Fourth of July and an art party always make a great combination!

Please contact us to get started.
Lets bring awareness to important humanitarian causes and have fun while we do it.

Oh and before I forget, it is always possible to add to the event an educational angle. Grace Divine is avaiable to teach lecture. CLICK HERE to find out more.

CLICK HERE to see a step by step of the process.

PLEASE NOTE: Grace Divine or are NOT Nonprofit 501c(3) organization, so the costs of hosting a party or any other costs are NOT a deduction o deductible. In addition, the 10% credit as a result of art sales during the party are not a tax deduction.