Along with CHALLENGE 2017, 1000 paintings to raise awareness to humanitarian causes, I created the HUMANNESS MOVEMENT on 2017 to raise awareness to important human and pro nature connectedness ideas.

In a world where the emphasis lies on technology to solve all of humanities problems, we need an alternative based on humanity and not machines to solve human problems via a connection to nature, family, history, ancestors and the earth.

The humanness movement posits an alternative to solving human problems based on an earth and nature approach to life. Some of this problems include:

1. Solving the loneliness epidemic by way of connecting people to nature and to each other.
2. Solving the cruelty epidemic by way of connecting people to animals and nature.
3. Solving the job problems by encouraging people to connect to nature and become self-reliant.
4. Solving the education problems to help people learn to thrive.
5. Solving the societal crises of families that have been separated.
6. Helping people develop esteem by way of individuation and self-appreciation.
and many many innumerable other social and ecological problems that are plaguing the world.

Please join me as these ideas evolve and to literally save the earth, humanity, nature and animals.

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