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PAINTER OF HISTORY - Grace Divine Art Chronicles

As a historian, I am committed and devoted to the understanding of human beings past, present and future. As such, I have dedicated my art to creating ART CHRONICLES, which means that basically, via my art, I am chronicling the history of our present day time, both American and world-wide, for the benefit of future generations so that they can learn and know about our present day, what was going on today, FROM A SOCIAL AND ARTISTIC PERSPECTIVE.

I remember when I was studying to get my Masters in Arts & Humanities at UTD, I took a course on the Weimar period in Germany. You might know it as that 15 year period of time which preceded the take over of Germany by Hitler and then, the Second World War.

Because my course was on arts and humanities, it included an in depth study into the art history of that period namely 1919 to 1933. During that period there was a tremendous amount of art that expressed the anxiety and suffering of people. There was one writer who claimed that the art itself offered a view of the horrors that were to come in the Second World War and that it was almost prophetic!

It is then, that the medium of art as having the ability to chronicle history became apparent to me.

When I started painting in earnest, in my garage back in 1995, (although I had painted from childhood!), my first series of paintings were titled "Sexual Consequences Series." In this series, I chronicled my experiences as an American woman in the second half of the 20th century. And thus, these paintings include part of my history. But also, this history is relatable to many women of my time. So, for those women who have experienced sexuality, for instance, motherhood, breastfeeding, loss of virginity this art speaks to them. But this art also speaks to the dark side of sexuality including battery, sexual assault, loss of sexual identity, still-birth and unwanted miscarriage amongst others. It is truly a series of art and poetry that aims to discover and uncover the experiences of womanhood, much of which at times, often includes tremendous suffering.

From then, I remember when I was living in Texas, a neighbor coming up to my front door and knocking. She asked if I was aware of the news. I had been painting and had not been watching television so I din't know what she was talking about that day, September 11 2001. Then, when I found out about the horrors of what had happened in New York, I took whatever I could, whatever I had in front of me, cardboard, paper... and I began to chronicle my experience. In this way, I feel I have chronicled via art, the experience of millions of American who got their news from the TV set.

And moving forward to 2016, there was so much turmoil and confusion surrounding all of the events that year. There was so much fear, that I had to paint about it. Personally, fearing for the loss of my beloved country the United States, my first series for that year is titled "...The American Landscape..." which includes patriotic paintings chronicling the people and events in different States and cities of our beautiful Union.

And whether others agree or disagree with my love for my country, please understand that my background is highly influenced by my education as a lawyer at UCLA. You see, I learned so much going to law school, but what I learned the most, was to love the CIVIL and HUMANITARIAN RIGHTS that the US Constitution affords to each and every American. Furthermore, having grown up in Mexico and Spain, I grew to greatly admire the founding laws that protect humanity in this blessed United States.

And then, as you might be aware, the year of 2017 was also filled with tremendous change, turmoil, and discontent. So, I painted about it in my Challenge 2017. But the issues aren't just about politics, the issues are also about technology, and what is happening with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. And how, that is affecting and will affect the world. And via my Challenge 2017, I have painted about all of these imminent and potentially dangerous situations to humanity and the world. I have also painted about animal rights, like the African elephant that is going extinct, the honey bee plight and the horrific chimera research that is underway even though it comes under another name.

And through all of this, one of my aims has been to posit questions. But more importantly, for the public benefit, I have sought to raise awareness so that people, peacefully and gently, dialogue about these things that will inevitably affect all of us.

And today, as I write this, I know that I have already painted thousands of paintings. But I feel that what I paint about is very important. So, I won't stop continuing to paint about our time in America and the world for the benefit of future generations so that they too, will have some art to look back on and remember us today.

And what specifically have I done to chronicle history through art?

I came up with a concept whereby I create 10 original paintings, works of art, which are then dedicated to a specific series series. Each series is then focused on a specific HUMANITARIAN CAUSE like for instance DIABETES, which is a health condition which is epidemic and results from poor diet and exercise. This is an important issue that is affecting our time. So, I have chronicalled this with art. And furthermore, I create a book per series. This book includes 10 art prints which people can use to hang and decorate with so that they and others can be reminded of whatever cause they feel moved towards.

Here is an example, a cover from one of my series.


Thank you for your time and patronage.

Grace Divine