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THEMED ART GALLERIES are art galleries that have a unifying theme or concept that inspired the artist while creating the art. is a site primarily dedicated to art galleries that have themes related to HUMANITARIAN CAUSES that aim to raise awareness to important human, animal and nature ideas thereby giving them a voice.

All of the art is HUMAN HANDMADE by Grace Divine in the United States.


Covering a wide array of health conditions and seeking to raise awareness to find a cure for these, Grace Divine is committed to ridding the world of illnesses many of which are epidemic in our time.

Mental illness and disturbances are epidemic in our time. Grace Divine is committed to raising awareness to these and to bringing mental health to the world.

Hunger and homelessness affects billions of people. Grace Divine believes that compassionate awareness and focus on finding solutions to these problems will enable solutions.

The world is facing huge problems related to pollution affecting nature, lands, oceans and the flora and fauna of these. By raising awareness to finding solutions to these problems, Grace Divine believes that the process of empowering each individual to create positive change can begin.

Grace Divine would like to the up the cause of animals on earth that suffer from inhumane treatment. By raising awareness to these, she is hoping to create a more compassionate world.

There are so many social issues that need attention in the world. By raising awareness to these, Grace Divine hopes to start up a dialogue aimed at solving these problems.

Victim's rights matter. We are all people and by standing up for others, we stand up for ourselves.

As a lawyer educated to appreciate CIVIL HUMANITARIAN RIGHTS, Grace Divine wants to inform and educate the public about their inalianable rights as human beings.

Technological changes are happening faster than anticipated. In the process human rights need to be assessed to make sure that these are protected.

By helping organizations, companies, groups and others to create a bridge of core values matching worker humanitarian concerns with company organizational goals is a win win for all.

Human civilization owes its survival to a connection, understanding and resptect of nature. In this series of art and books, we engage in a dialogue where once again we recognize the human power as spiritual beings and connect to the world around us.

This art and books are a tribute to the ancestor and raise awareness to the power of transformation and communication through art in order to bring assitance and empower humanity.

Human beings hav ea right to dream. This art raises humanitarian concerns related to the FREEDOM OF THOUGHT that must be protected for human beings.

Everything is a story and a picture is worth a thousand words. At its foundation, what drives humanity is the power of the story. And in these galleries we engage in a play of words and art.

Some of the galleries are dedicated to raising awareness and/or find cures and solutions to the following: