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Grace Divine is an artist, writer and performer.

Grace Divine performs as a psychic medium for private readings and also performs PUBLIC MEDIUMSHIP DEMONSTRATIONS to entertain at parties, corporate or business events and shows of all sizes.

Everything 100% of what Grace Divine says or does through her art, books and during her performances is for fun and entertainment purposes only.

Grace Divine creates, works, writes, performs, speaks, teaches etc only for FUN & ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

In all cases Grace Divine is 100% Opinion 100% for Fun & Entertainment Purposes Only.

These are artistic expression performances. Anything she says or does
during a public mediumship presentation or group psychic reading
is 100% opinion 100% of the time for fun and entertainment purposes only.

Grace Divine does NOT represent and is NOT sponsored by anyone, individual or organization, and does not condone anyone elses statements or opinions.

Grace Divine is NOT a licensed doctor or medical professional and does NOT give medical advice.
Grace Divine does not give medical advice ever, business or any other kind of advice, or legal.
Should any person in attendance at one of her performances need medical, legal, business, or any
other kind of professional advice, please seek the assistance of a professional through your State,
County, City, local permitted provider organizations etc. Don't rely on the advice of anyone, including a
psychic or performer like Grace Divine. Seek out the help and advice of a licensed professional.


PLEASE NOTE: I, Grace Divine, am INDEPENDENT and do NOT represent and I am NOT sponsored by any government City, State or Federal, or branch of government like the Homeland Security, for instance. I do NOT represent them and they do NOT sponsor me, or have ever sponsored me, in any way. AGAIN, THEY DO NOT SPONSOR ME NOR HAVE THEY EVER. Nor has any city in the world in Orange County or anywhere else, ever sponsored me. And I do NOT represent any City, including any city in Orange County, like Newport, Laguna Beach, Irvine or Costa Mesa.

On November 14 2018 I did do a lecture presentation at the Laguna Niguel Homeland Security Offices. There were over 200+ people in attendance. This lecture presentation included slides, art, art clothing, speaking, singing, dancing and music demonstrations. In my personal opinion, this went great. I felt people enjoyed it.

However, and so that it is absolutely clear, having done that does NOT mean that Homeland Security sponsors me in any way or that it ever has. Again, Homeland security or any other GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION belonging to a City, State or Federal branch of the government does NOT sponsor me in any way, and never has. I AM COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT OF THEM. And I am not a part of them and I do not now or have ever represented them in any way whatsoever. I DO NOT REPRESENT THEM. I hope this is clear to the reader.

Every show I do, speaking engagement, radio, public mediumship presentation, group psychic reading, individual group reading, lecture, class, party, corporate event, etc... whatever I say, all of my art and books, everything related to me is 100% opinion 100% of the time for FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I do not give EVER professional advice of any kind like medical, legal, business or other. Should you need professional advice contact your State government for guidance, do NOT contact me.

All books, opinions, psychic readings, performances, commentaries, everything by or associated with Grace Divine is for fun and entertainment purposes only.

You agree to abide by the agreement here should you read, hear, engage Grace Divine by any outlet.

APPLICABLE TO ALL WORDS AND ACTIONS, RADIO-PODCASTS-YOUTUBE-VIDEOS-WEBSITE-WRITING-BOOKS-SOCIAL MEDIA-EVERYTHING-ETC: Grace Divine, does NO take responsibility for and does NOT endorse the opinions, statements, choices, actions made by other people, anyone else in the world including guests, invitees, co-hosts, radio station owners, chat room contributors, reviewers, forum posts, advertisers, other radio show hosts, everyone and any one in the world and anywhere as it regards the radio show Grace Divine Opinions, and anything related to Grace Divine podcasts, videos, youtube, broadcasts, writing, website, everything, etc.

Grace Divine does not endorse anything as the fact or truth.

Grace Divine does NOT intend to libel, defame, discriminate against, make hate, or annoy anyone.

The content of of everything -see above- related to Grace Divine is intended for general information purposes only. It is NOT designed to provide listeners with specific and personal, medical, financial, legal, counseling, professional service or any advice. The programs are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individuals with health problems should always consult their health care provider for professional medical advice, medications or treatments.

Grace Divine is NOT a Non-profit 503C. Please note that any donations to her can not be used as against taxes or be written off.

Grace Divine also does NOT promote anyone's individual practice -of any kind-, programs, agendas, particular actions, ideas, treatments, health or legal or business programs, workers, providers, legal, hospitals, business, career, name, accuracy, statements, business or centers of any kind.

The views expressed by Grace Divine or her co-hosts and guests are their own and shall not be construed in any way as advice from Grace Divine.

Grace Divine makes no recommendations or endorsements for radio show programs, services, or products mentioned on-air, on our web or anyone else.

Viewers/readers/Everyone partaking of this information agree to seek professional advice or care for any problem they may have.

Grace Divine does NOT accept responsibility and or liability, explicit or implied, for anyone elses words or actions as related to any medium and product related in any way with Grace Divine.

THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES WARRANTEES INSURANCE assurances as related to everything associated with Grace Divine. Reader, listerner, Viewer be ware.

All end users or readers/viewers accept terms as expressed here. They agree to read the terms carefully. Otherwise, if they do not accept these terms, they agree not to use any media associated with Grace Divine.

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Product Disclaimer: This site does not endorse any products that are advertised on it with the exception of our own products. It is up to you to check out any product and verify it’s history and validly.

You acknowledge that Grace Divine is an artist who reviews events in her life. As such, my art, paintings, photography, writing, books, this website and my work relate to expression and reflect my first amendment and all All Constitutional Law artistic expression speech.

Grace Divine reviews expresses and writes her life experiences for a number of reasons including but not limited to: 1. diary, life, experiences, reviews; 2. For religious expression; 3. To educate and inform the public.; 4. other related to Constitutional rights human rights etc.

All of the art, writing and reviews here reflect my personal opinions.
All photography including that photoshopped reflects, individually and as a whole in the context of its existence, the artist's opinions feelings and ideas about the subject.

REVIEWS are created for benefit of the public.

A review book, labeled as such, is created and constitutes a review of my personal experience and it's solely comprised of my personal opinions, commentary ideas and artistic endeavour. It commemorates my personal experience at multiple levels including but not limited to:
1. As a member of the public, this review commemorates my personal experience as against claims made by any party. As such this book and photos comprise a freedom of expression exercise and constitute news reporting of importance to the public. And as such, this review may be compared to an untold number of other reviews gives by other parties some of which include photographs of their experience.;
2. As an artist, this book and photographs comprise my desire to journal my life experiences. I consider the books in this series as pages of my diary. I believe I have a right to personal expression, as this is identified, and to communicate that to others who might be interested.;
3. As an intuitive artist believer in God's creative energy, and everything that entails, my work also constitutes a freedom of religious expression as I am trying to understand the nature of God. I believe God exists in the light! And I use my writing and photography in this quest for purposes of understanding and capturing these images of God as messages. I am trying to use the camera to capture images that human beings can't see with the naked eye. And I believe that some of these images relate to the existence of other dimensional energies, including intelligent and/or conscious energy, some of which is certainly spiritual energies of a divine nature. I believe that these energies are mostly not picked up by the human eye, but that they may be picked up by the camera. I also use the camera to verify my personal sensitivities to these energies. And for these reasons, the camera is necessary.
-Also, about the creation of these creative artistic photoshopped images, it is my quest, as an artist, to teach myself to see the world beyond a 1% of the electro-magnetic light spectrum visible to the human eye. Or at least, to be able to imagine it. These images reflect that. The photoshopped images are so changed from the original image that they have been intentionally transformed to reflect my feelings, my emotions, my experience... The original subject of the photography therefore becomes secondary to my experience and what I wish to communicate the public in order to educate them about my ideas. And please, keep in mind that the transformation of the images goes further as it involves the entire process, the learning of claims, the process of choice of locations, the series of books, the writings, the memories as they impact the photography, the photoshopping process, etc... The entire process in whole and in part converts each image into a communication from my mind, my personal experience, to the mind of the viewer and the public at large.;
4. As an artist, I am also trying to capture time. And I am trying to capture time as against different settings in a panoply of MY PERSONAL LIFE EXPERIENCES. I go to places that interest me or attract me. Places are that unique. I go there because I feel compelled to go there and because I believe there are special kinds of energy there based on the nature of the organization and claims that were made about it. And basically, this review book is about MY LIFE and is part of a series. And as it regards time in my photography, I believe that time is not just a measure of the passing clock, but that it is a form of consciousness. As an artist, I am curious about it. And I wish to understand it and I express that in my art. There is much more to this...;
5. This work is for purposes of education, review, criticism, commentary, informing the public, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, research, speech expressions, religious expressions and the like. All images and writings here are made with the utmost respect for all. This book does NOT intend to infringe on anyone's copyrights, trademarks or other and as such, it intents to abide by all laws and to protect everyone's rights.
6. Also, this work represents an exercise of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, and other including freedom of the press under the US Constitution, 1st Amendment and other civil and human rights.
7. As such, this work expresses solely my personal opinions, artistic work, spiritual and religious beliefs, etc. Nothing herein about others is stated as fact or intended as such.
8. In addition, the artist is not in any way associated to & was not hired by any party mentioned or pictured herein.
9. About the images, everything was photographed from public places or spaces made available to the public where photography was allowed. Please note, great care has been taken to blurr or remove names, symbols, etc, which may be potentially copyrighted or trademarked. We have done this to protect others. Unfortunately, the potential for copyright and trademark ownership is ominous. Should there be a mistake by the inclusion of something which is copyrighted or trademarked WE WILL REMOVE IT. Please inform us. Please write to us with the page and book in question. PLEASE PUT YOUR REQUEST IN WRITING AND MAIL IT TO: Grace Divine, P.O. Box 9455, Newport Beach, California, 92658.
10. Also, should anyone feel their rights are being violated in any way whatsover, please write to us at the same address: Grace Divine, P.O. Box 9455, Newport Beach, California, 92658. Our primary aim is to protect yours and ours CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! Should anything infringe on anyone's rights, we will remove it. 11. Please note that nothing in this publication is meant to be construed as professional advice of any kind including legal, medical or otherwise.
12. In addition, the books and art photography in this series are being offered for FREE. Careful steps have been taken not to commercialize these. I, the artist, am merely trying to express myself, commemorate my life in the ways delineated and others and to provide a useful review to the public of my personal experience.
13. There is much more about my art and writing and the constitutional rights I am exercises by doing this.
14. Lastly, I am tremendously grateful to the many organizations that have allowed me access to enter and to photograph and to review! For any questions, please contact us. Thank you.

Grace Divine can prepare lectures and teach on different topics. Everything in her lectures, unless stated otherwise, is her personal opinion and for fun and entertainment purposes only.

ALL BOOKS BY GRACE DIVINE: This book publication constitutes and is for purposes of education, review, criticism, commentary, informing the public, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, research, speech expressions, religious expressions and the like. All images and writings here are made with the utmost respect for all. This book does NOT intend to infringe on anyone's copyrights, trademarks or other and as such, it intents to abide by all laws and to protect everyone's rights. Also, this publication represents an exercise of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, and other including freedom of the press under the US Constitution, 1st Amendment and other rights. This book expresses solely the author's personal opinions, artistic work, spiritual and religious beliefs, etc. Nothing herein about others is stated as fact or intended as such. In addition, the author is not in any way associated to & was not hired by any party mentioned or pictured herein. About the images, everything was photographed from public places and names, including potentially copyrighted or trademarked information, have been intentionally blurred to protect others. Should there be a mistake by the inclusion of something which is copyrighted or trademarked, or should anyone feel their rights are being violated in some way, we will remove it as long as the removal does not infringe on others Constitutional rights. Please note that nothing in this publication is meant to be construed as advice of any kind including professional, legal, medical or otherwise. For any questions, please contact us at Thank you.

Thank you Copyright© 2002 - 2015 Grace Divine. All rights reserved. You may not reproduce for commercial purposes any material on this site without prior written permission from Grace Divine.