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Hello Friends,

My name is Grace Divine. I am a motivational and inspirational speaker.

I do lectures on a wide array of topics including, but not limited to, art, art history, history, famous celebrities from history to present, spirituality, mythology, literature, philosophy, and also, paranormal studies and shamanism.

I can also lecture on other topics and can taylor make specific lectures for the client's needs. Please contact me to find out more.

My educational background includes a law degree from UCLA, a Masters Degree in arts and humanities from UTD, and a linguistics degree from UCI. I have also been or am currently a member at various organizations and have served on not for profit boards.

I am also available to partner up with individuals, businesses, corporations and organizations to do live and/or online, two hour to several days goodwill community building event presentations that can include a presentation, literature, art illustrations, humanitarian art auctions and/or humanitarian art sales.

These fun, planned, and marketed pop up presentations raise awareness to humanitarian causes that include but are not limited to finding cures, compassion for animals, nature connectivity and more.

With over 100 causes, my work is focused on working with others to help them to establish goodwill with their goal communities. Contact me with your ideas.

For live teaching and lectures, I often use powerpoint slide presentations and/or videos.

For performance art presentations, I can use powerpoint slides, videos, live music, song, story, dance, comedy and more.

And please know, I taylor-make all my presentations. My goal is to deliver high quality, professional and fun entertainment.

Please consider hiring me for your next event.