At www.GraceDivine.com, we focus solely on informing the public about Grace Divine, an American artist, and her life work.

Grace Divine's portfolio includes original fine art paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, music, writings, performance...

As a prolific and expressive American artist, who also spent time as a child in Mexico and in Spain, Grace is proud of her mixed racial heritage and has ancestry from the indigenous Americas including Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Benin & Togo in Africa, Northern Africa, The Canary Islands, Basque Country, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Ireland, England and Northwestern Europe.


Grace's artwork is unique in its diversity. With multiple art styles, her art spans from The Stone Age period, to present 21st century styles. This makes Grace unique as an artist. Her art also includes styles which she was inspired to create, like her "FAFA Collages", and her "Parody Prayers".

Grace describes her creative process as the reason why she creates art in so many different styles. She believes it is related to her ancestry and mixed race. This artistic process most closely resembles inspired processes similar but not the same, and unique to Grace Divine, as those described by such notables artists as: Hilma af Klint, Georgiana Houghton, Marian Spore Bush, Augustin Lesage, Fleury Joseph Crepin, Madge Gill, and Victor Simon amongst others. No matter what process or inspiration Grace uses, she claims her creations as her own.

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