Home staging with art enables a home owner to decorate their home in preparation for a special event such as putting the home up for sale, a holiday party or wedding. Home staging with art aims at making the interior of a home more attractive, appealing and desirable to others. In turn, an improved desirability is an easy way to increase the value of a property as one can learn how it can be improved.


As a service, art rental is very easy as beautiful and valuable fine art is made available for use on a daily, weekly, monthly, short or long-term lease basis.

Contact us to schedule a Facetime chat. At GraceDivine.com we have thousands of paintings to choose from and offer an advisory service to assist you in choosing the best art for your particular staging needs.

Art Rental Prices

Cost of renting art depends on several factors including length of lease, art selected, delivery costs and insurance amongst others. (We do require insurance coverage as part of the rental fee. In the alternative, in some circumstances, we may be able to accept a rider from your property or business insurance to protect the art in case of damage or theft.)


In addition, our service does come with a helpful and instructional FREE Facetime consultation plus we offer a page here on the site with helpful instructions on how to choose, place and or hang the art, plus information about the process aimed at making everything easy.

Art Collecting

And lets just say for argument's sake that during the process of leasing the art, you've fallen in love with it. The great news is that in all cases where the art is not on hold and is available, the art will be available for purchase. And further, we will count your lease payments towards the purchase of the piece.

Putting Your Walls to Work $$$

And in those circumstances where someone else falls in love with the art and wants to acquire it, do contact us to find out if the art is available for sale. Most pieces are. In such cases, if the art is sold and once all contract terms are satisfied, we will arrange for a 10% of the selling price to paid to you.

So whenever you feel ready to beautify your home and get started, please request a Facetime consultation with us. Contact us here. We look forward to speaking with you.